How many calories should I be eating?

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Knowing how many calories you need to eat is important for your success in weight loss or weight gain goals! However, it’s important to keep in mind that calories are not created equal.

On a low carb diet, you want to stay below 50 grams of carbs per day to stay in ketosis, but how about your fat and protein intake? Use our ketogenic macro calculator to find out exactly what your daily macronutrients and calorie intake should look like. You can also read more about Calories vs. Macros if you’re interested!

Disclosure: We are not nutritionists or doctors and the information on this site is not meant to be given as medical advice. We are two people sharing our success strategies and resources and encouraging you to do further research to see if they’ll work for you too. Before starting any diet, you should consult with your physician to rule out any health issues that could arise. Safety first, results second.