What is the return policy?

  • eBooks are non-returnable and non-refundable due to the nature of digital media.

What happens if my computer crashes and I lose my eBook(s)?

  • You can download your eBook(s) files from the confirmation email you received upon checkout unlimited times. If you run into any issues, simply contact us.

Can I copy and print text from my TryLowCarb eBooks?

  • You may copy, paste or print any pages for personal use only.
  • You may annotate the text contained in any TryLowCarb eBook.
  • You are not permitted to modify, alter, revise or otherwise change any TryLowCarb eBook.
  • You are not permitted to create derivative works from any TryLowCarb eBook.

Can I share my TryLowCarb eBook?

  • You are not permitted to share, move, copy, reproduce, network or otherwise transfer any TryLowCarb eBooks to any computer or other device of any other person.

I have two computers I actively use and an eReader device. Can I read my TryLowCarb eBooks on all of my devices?

  • You are allowed to transfer/share your TryLowCarb eBooks between all devices that you own.


Please read our E-BOOK USER AGREEMENT for additional information about the terms and conditions of purchasing a TryLowCarb eBook.